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Sukh Anand Kaur

Classes by
Sukh Anand Kaur

Thursdays 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Yoga for Absolute Beginners

Sukh Anand Kaur, whom you might recognize from the Front Desk, has been a part of Yoga West for 5 years. Starting out in 2008 as a sevadar (volunteer) and then becoming part of the Yoga West staff in 2009. She graduated Kundalini Level One Teacher Training in 2010 and to date has completed two Level 2 Teacher Training modules. She began her yoga practice in 2000 and found Kundalini in 2008.

“Kundalini Yoga is a whole practice that I hadn't experienced in the other forms of Yoga, engaging the body, mind and spirit. I felt a sense of home when I settled into Kundalini Yoga.”

Currently, Sukh Anand is enrolled in the Kerala Ayurveda Academy where she studies to deepen her understanding of the Vedic texts which illuminate the path for humans to live - as Yogi Bhajan says, “healthy, happy and holy”.

She hopes to bring the wisdom of the Vedas, light-heartedness, humility, and compassion to her classes. Sat Nam

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