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Siri Darshan

Classes by
Stephanie Siri Darshan Kaur

Mondays 10:30 am - 12:00 noon
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Growing up in the Midwest and always striving for more; passion and purpose brought Stephanie to Kundalini Yoga when She packed up and moved cross country to the West Coast 4 years ago.

As an aspiring musician, Stephanie believes strongly in the healing properties of music and vibration. As a certified crystal healer and certified in various areas of health and wellness, Stephanie brings her deep appreciation for the art of music and precisely weaves a carefully selected playlist and live music on guitar into her Kundalini Yoga classes. She also enjoys playing different instruments such as the gong, singing bowls and percussion for mediation and deep relaxation enhancing the intentions of her class and the experience. Stephanie Siri Darshan takes her class on a journey of vibrating the cosmos, self-discovery, inspiration, and awakening a sense of empowerment inside the soul.

She creates a sacred space and safe environment for students to raise their awareness and allow their higher level of being to act as a compass to show them the way to their own personal greatness. Stephanie encourages her students to “find the music within your soul and resound that sound out into the universe.”

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