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Guru Mitar Kaur

Classes by
Guru Mitar Kaur (Linh James)

Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30 am
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Guru Mitar has dedicated her life to increasing Love and Happiness in the world by leading workshops and teaching yoga full time. She has a multifaceted background studying in the US, India and Asia.

She has her Masterís Degree in Spiritual Psychology, she is certified as a Coach, educating from the HEART, she is certified in both the Hatha & Kundalini yoga traditions, and has learned in-depths meditation and breathwork practices and is also certified in the Reiki healing technique.

She encourages her students to go beyond the comfort zone into the transformation zone where the real magic happens. She empowers her students to listen within and follow the voice of love. She often shares nuggets of spiritual psychology in class to support students in living a more awakened and joy filled life.

Within her classes she creates a vortex of pure sonic healing waves using a multitude of healing instruments from drums to Tibetan/Quartz crystal sings bowls, and Venus the Gong Love. You can find in the studio all across Los Angeles and leading retreats around the world.


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