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Gabrielle Lewis

Meet Teacher

Classes by
Gabrielle Lewis

Tuesdays 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Gabrielle, a native of England, takes a holistic approach as a YOGIOLOGIST - a mental well-being consultant and practitioner, by infusing psychology and ancient yogic wisdom to help heal the body, mind and spirit. Gabrielle moved to Los Angeles after gaining her B.Sc. Honors in Applied Psychology at the University of Durham, an Ivy League school in England. She then underwent an extensive 9 months training program at Yoga West in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation and has completed further training in pre-natal and post-natal yoga.

As well as working with individuals in a private setting, Gabrielle works closely with medical facilities, helping patients to overcome stress and anxiety and increase general mental well-being. Gabrielle also teaches at a Sober Living House working with clients who are in recovery from drugs and alcohol. In addition, Gabrielle teaches both private and group yoga at luxury hotels such as The Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey and Mr C, Beverly Hills.

Gabrielle is currently working on her online video series IGNITE & INSPIRE. The mission is to bring awareness to a certain topic, give people tools to deal with the stresses of life, helping to ignite and inspire people and those around them. The channel is set to go live soon and will feature interviews from yoga teachers, nutritionists, psychotherapists, doctors, career coaches, and actors to name a few.

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