We are not asking you to find the master; Be the Master.
-Yogi Bhajan, teachers training 1997

Accept an invitation to deepen and expand your experience of the journey towards your true self. Whether you plan to teach or not, teachers training provides an invaluable understanding of the technology that is Kundalini Yoga. Grow, transform, transcend limitations and learn to become the master of your own destiny.

From September to the following February, students attend selective weekend courses in the personal practice and effective instruction of Kundalini yoga.

Course topics include:
Yoga Fundamentals:
Pranayama- Breathing techniques
Asanas- Physical postures
Mantras & Naad- the Science of sound/chanting
Mudra- hand, eye position
Bandha- body locks
Kriyas- Yoga sets

Kundalini Energy:
The 8 Chakras
Anatomy & Physiology

Yogic philosophy

The Mind:
Structure & Function
Meditation & Sacred Silence

The role of a teacher
Class & Course structure

3HO Lifestyle:
Sadhana: daily spiritual practice
Healing: Sat Nam Rasayan 
Diet & Nutrition

Teacher training is conducted by masters of kundalini yoga, including Guru Singh, Shakti Parwah Kaur, Guru Meher Singh, and many others.

Students who successfully complete the series of courses, as well as the faculty evaluation, both written and hands-on, will be internationally certified by the Kundalini Research Institute and qualified as a teacher of Kundalini Yoga.