Siri Dyal Kaur
Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
Tuesdays & Thursdays at 10:30 am


Siri Dyal KaurHow did you find Kundalini Yoga or how did it find you?

​ Kundalini Yoga found me about 20 years ago via my mother. She saw a flyer for a Sat Nam Rasayan (SNR) Healing ​Class in Amsterdam and thought me and my sister would enjoy doing that too. SNR comes from the Kundalini Yoga tradition and during healing classes we would do meditations as well.  From there on, I started doing more Kundalini Yoga on my own, and when Guru Dev Singh would be in town we would meditate a lot. It was through Guru Dev Singh that I met Yogi Bhajan and my life would never be  the same again.

Meeting The Master of Kundalini Yoga was a mind/consciousness altering experience, and when I was given the chance to do Bodywork and Healing on him for several years daily, and be able to be so close to him, the 'lock' was made... I had met "my" Master, I had met my Teacher... 

In Espanola, NM me and my husband would go to his classes whenever he would teach and  Kundalini Yoga became a full part of my daily life. When I took Teacher Training (here at Yoga West) in 2008, the teachings took on a new and deeper meaning for me. The “immersion” made it all somehow “real” for me, it made the teachings “sink in”. It was amazing to experience that and to feel Yogi Bhajan so close during this time. Like he said: “When I pass I will be much closer to you then when I am in my physical body”... This was very true. Even though I miss his physical form sometimes and his loving smile and amazing presence, he's with us and surrounds us, always.

What do you love about teaching and at Yoga West?

​I love everything about it! The honor to share the teachings with everyone who walks in. The pure joy to see the students transform right before your eyes. The feel of community and sangat, which is very present at Yoga West. And not to mention the fact that Yogi Bhajan sat right there for many many years! The radiant faces that run Yoga West! I mean, what's not to love!

What is your favorite Yogi Bhajan Teaching?

​Oh goodness, so many, but can I list my top 3? ;)

​1) “Women are The Grace of God”... Yogi Bhajan described women as Absolute Divine Creative Beings and I LOVE how he would always to try hammer this into our heads with Ladies Camp and really any chance he would get! You are the Grace of God! You are Divinity itself! He had such respect for women and had just one wish for us: “Be a Woman, nothing more, nothing less...” ​I love the Women's Teachings!

2) “Keep up you will be Kept up” : This just comes down (yes not so easy usually) to a DEEP Trust in God and if you just keep going you WILL be covered.

3) Patience Pays... so simple and so profound and so true (working on that on a daily basis   ;)

What else do you do in your life that we might not know about?

​I love to see a good movie! I love to be in Nature! I really enjoy hanging out with my girlfriends and recharge. I really enjoy a good meal (especially if I don't have to make it;). I love animals and Crystals. I love my Tarot and Avalon Cards.  I'm crazy about my husband and kids. I LOVE TO LAUGH! Humor is the spice of life :) And I really try my best to take life not too seriously. My mind can make things complicated (sounds familiar? ;) and when I see it going into "monkey" mode, Thank God for breath, yoga and a good cup of tea :)

Upcoming yoga projects?

I will be teaching a “Create your own Moon Calendar” workshop soon, and hopefully will have one soon at Yoga West too! This is a passion of mine: Teaching the Women's Teachings by Yogi Bhajan, and this one in particular is a very practical one! Making your own calendar to track your moon centers as they move each 2.5 days!  Me and my husband teach Sacred Sex and Sexuality Workshops together, and hopefully the 2nd one will be again at YW! What fun we had!

Top 5 Kundalini Yoga mantra tracks?

Snatam Kaur
Ardas Bahee
Singh Kaur
Crimson Collection
Ong Sohung
Guru Singh
Guru Guru Wahe Guru
Guru Ram Das Guru
Har Anand Kaur
Wahe Guru Wahe Guru
Snatam Kaur
(1 hour track)

And SO many more!!! ​