Yoga West LA
Meet Teacher Simran Kaur

Simran Kaur
How did you find Kundalini Yoga (or how did it find you!)?

I was born into a family of Kundalini yogis, so I was doing Kundalini Yoga from the start!

I am a product of Yogi Bhajan's great 3HO experiment, have been doing Kundalini Yoga since the womb, and my parents, SatJivan Kaur & Singh have been doing Kundalini Yoga since the late 60's - they run Kundalini Yoga East in New York City! I grew up in the Ashrams of the 70's and went to India for Boarding school along with about 150 other 3HO children! I have lived in Los Angeles with my husband, 'Posture Master' GuruPrem since 1990 and have continued to practice and teach locally and around the world, bringing lightness, joy, ease and a smile to the yogic discipline.

What is your favorite Yogi Bhajan Teaching?

My favorite Yogi Bhajan teaching would have to be: “You are holy when you are aware of what moves in and out of your nine holes.” I love the simplicity of it and at the same time the complete challenge of bringing awareness to everything!

What do you love about teaching at Yoga West?

At Yoga West, I am always humbled to sit in the same spot where Yogi Bhajan sat and taught, and I am constantly reminded of the miracle that comes from the practice! I love seeing the growth of those who continue to show up! I love teaching and having people get those, "Aha!" moments of understanding.

What else do you do in your life that we might not know about?

My husband, GuruPrem Singh, used my voice when recording Tantric Har. People ask what is the difference from the music we made over a decade ago and what we make now: I was mostly chanting before, I sang, but didn't think I would ever be recorded. But a couple of years ago just that happened when we did an album for sleeping well, called: Suite: Kirtan Soheila, and immediately followed it with another titled: Heal Me. This opened a part of me to a creativity I had not previously developed.

Any upcoming projects?

We have a new album, Bhakti: Lover & the BeLoved.