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Meet Teacher Khefri Riley

Khefri Riley

How did you find Kundalini Yoga?

Although I had been practicing Hatha Yoga and meditation since I was 19, I found Kundalini Yoga 14 years ago during the pregnancy of my son Zen Reign Supreme. Kundalini Yoga became a powerful home to rest my heart. The first time I walked through Yoga West's doors, my son was 6 weeks old and we attended the reunion childbirth education class with Davi Kaur Khalsa. How time has flown. My son will turn a renegade 13 years old this May 3rd. I can hardly believe that it has been that long since Yoga West has continued to inspire my love of Kundalini Yoga.

Favorite Yogi Bhajan Teaching?

My favorite Teaching came from the 1985 lecture of Yogi Bhajan's The Art and Science of the Successful Woman. “You must understand as women your quality is not the environments of this earth. Your penetration is to deal with the earth from the command beyond earth. Deal with time with the command beyond time. Deal with space with the command beyond space. Because you came beyond time, beyond space, and beyond this earth.”

We have the ability to create a better world through empowered birth and conscious parenting. We must use our Super Momma Goddess powers that come from “beyond the Earth”! Exciting isn't it! Wahe Guru!

What do we not know about you?

My paternal great-grandmother was a renowned Cherokee midwife in the Deep South. She is my ancestral connection to the healing of the divine feminine. In a glamorous past life, I have walked the catwalks of Europe, Japan, and the USA as a young high fashion model, finding adventure through couture and innumerable travels across continents.

I lived in London for over 10 years, right across the road from where Jimi Hendrix found his stairway to heaven. Many do not know that I am a published poet and London's first slam poetry performance winner. I directed theatre and rocked many a microphone, performing alongside Run DMC, Michael Franti, and collaborating with famous Hip Hop luminaries along the way. Old school Hip Hop culture and Jazz music is a very important aspect of my young development. I have often found the use of “word sound power”, as my fellow Hip Hop spoken word artists would put it, was the beginning of my love of mantra. It was in my Hip Hop/Jazz years that I read Nada Brahma - The World Is Sound by Joachim-Ernst Berendt. This book prepared me for the powerful discovery of Kundalini Yoga and mantra in my early twenties.

Upcoming projects?

I am excited to offer a new series: Birthing with AH! - helping women manifest the birth they desire with evidence-based childbirth education and the all-powerful mantra, AH! I also teach monthly Newborn Care Classes, and hold trainings for Yoga Doula Tools, Mommy and Me Yoga and Children's Yoga.

Top five mantra tracks for mommas:

Adi Shakti by Mantra Girl
Sa Re Sa Sa by Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa
Aad Guray Namay (for use in the birthing room) by Snatam Kaur
I Am Happy from the Feeling Good Today album by Snatam Kaur
Har by Mantra Girl