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The word Yoga means Union or Merging, involving the use of movement, sound current, breath and meditation. Its techniques for living a healthy, happy and spiritually aware life have developed over thousands of years and across many civilizations. 

There were periods in history when whole civilizations benefited from these techniques, living long and vibrant lives. Yoga was openly taught and integrated in daily living. There were no secrets, private mantras or personalities. There were only wise men recognized for their humility, righteousness and effectiveness. These Yogis refused to be elevated above the masses. 

Many of these yogis were able to extend their physiological and perceptual capacities beyond the normal limits. Besides living longer lives with fewer illnesses, they exercised a natural ability to heal and accepted supernatural phenomena as normal. They understood human sickness and health in terms of man as an organized unit of energy that could sense, receive, and transmute the entire spectrum of energies that interplay and permeate the cosmos. When they looked at a person's body, they saw an energy envelope or aura that reflected the higher energy bodies of man. From this direct observational knowledge, they designed more techniques of meditation and healing. This was not a mystical activity, but a work based upon tangible observations of energy and the effects of different activities and attitudes on the individual. 

All yoga focused on stimulating and regulating the energy in man, which was the very essence of consciousness. This energy was called the Kundalini. As it evolved, each student of yoga worked on all aspects of himself. Yoga was holistic, permeating every level of human existence: from eating and sleeping to the complexities of inter-personal relationships and spiritual practices. 

During these periods of great knowledge, only three forms of yoga were practiced: Kundalini Yoga, Laya Yoga, and Tantric Yoga. All three forms were practiced together and taught openly. Kundalini Yoga consisted of exercises and meditations for healing and expansion of consciousness. Laya Yoga was the technique of altering consciousness and total health by the use of sound and rhythm. It could be practiced individually, but had its greatest effects when done in a large well coordinated group. Some meditation could be done only in a group. Tantric Yoga was always practiced in pairs. It was practiced under the guidance of a person called the Mahan Tantric. There is only one Mahan Tantric at any one time. This was the most esoteric and difficult of the techniques.

With the passage of time, the techniques became diluted and divided. As individuals catered to their different needs and personalities they chose to emphasize and practice separate components of the total yogic system. Some preferred fast physical activity, while others practiced slow movement or intellectual dialogue. Fundamentally, yoga was practiced to balance the traits in each person and coordinate them to accentuate individual talents and proficiencies. But people ignored the total system and started to practice isolated segments of it. Some chose to do the exercises without the mantra while some practiced mantra and meditation without breath control. This created a division of techniques that dissipated their original power and effectiveness. The result led to the ultimate recognition of twenty-seven different schools of yoga that were studied sequentially. This progression became standardized and the concept of stages in yogic practice was introduced to try to recapture the power in the original unified teachings.



The history of Kundalini Yoga has come full circle again. With the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, we have a unique source of actual techniques as well as knowledge used as physical and mental therapies of ancient times. Those who test and study these practices are the pioneers of the future who are opening the vast experience of consciousness to all beings. This dynamic practice is for people who wish to experience significant changes in their lives and master their destiny. Kundalini Yoga is designed for people living and working in modern society. 



What is Meditation? Meditation is house cleaning for your mind. Everything that you think or do is recorded by your mind. If you don't clean your "house" it will become a mess. When you meditate, the garbage of the subconscious releases. Meditation is a process to clean out the mental distortions, memories, fears, stress, confusion, emotional scars and neuroses that keep us from being who we really want to be. The benefits of meditation are vast but one has to experience it and practice to realize them. 

Many people are discouraged from meditating because of a misconception that one can simply sit down and instantly quiet the mind for meditation. The mind generates one thousand thoughts per wink of the eye and when we sit to meditate, we become acutely aware of these thoughts. That is why some meditations utilize mantras and specific breathing patterns to focus the mind. You might daydream or get distracted. Just keep going back to the mantra, the breath and the meditation. You may feel a bit uncomfortable during meditation but you will feel much better after. If "issues" come up, it means that the process is working. Don't expect to sit in bliss every time! When thoughts come up, don't reflect or act on them. Just allow them, giving them space to release.. You may even become negative or emotional. Experience whatever happens and let it go to the universe. The more you meditate, the easier it will be.

Meditation is a tool that will change your mental state very quickly. Whenever you have feelings of strong emotion, depression, irritability, craziness and overwhelming pressure just turn to meditation. It is amazing how quickly a meditation will take you out of one of those states. Instead of pushing all the feelings and thoughts in back of your mind and ignoring them, try doing a meditation and see how it changes you and your mental state. 

Kundalini Yoga and Meditation is the most powerful, safe and effective means of achieving altered states of consciousness. The practice of Kundalini Yoga strengthens the nervous system and the entire physical, mental, emotional and spiritual being, to receive and utilize the higher frequencies induced by meditations. 



There are many benefits you will notice from doing Kundalini Yoga. The more time and energy you put into the practice, the more you get will get out of it.

The true source of happiness comes from a direct connection to the brilliance and beauty of our spirit. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, we can quiet the mind, awaken the heart, and experience the clarity and confidence of our true nature.

The following are some of the results you may experience: 
Everyone can do it!
Radiant health and beauty
Improves strength and flexibility as it centers the mind 
Experience states of deep relaxation
Balance metabolism and weight 
Significantly improve physical conditioning and stamina 
Make life decisions with enhanced mental clarity
Live from a place of centered emotional balance
Strengthen your self-esteem, self-confidence and clarity
Relief from back pain, stress
Healing for addiction, depression and insomnia
Experience vitality with a calm inner peace 

Kundalini Yoga, in combination with the right lifestyle changes, will put your digestive, nervous, lymphatic, cardio-vascular, glandular and all other systems in proper working order. 

Your true beauty is your radiance and the impression you leave in the hearts of others. Kundalini Yoga recognizes the importance of glandular balance in relation to physical and mental health. This has a direct bearing on your ability to look great and feel great. 

This comes as a result of the increased energy and relaxation that Kundalini Yoga gives. Self-discovery and confidence are inevitable when you pay attention to your inner life. 

This attribute helps you to be the master of your life and not allow subjective mental states to cloud your ability to make clear decisions and act in accordance with your true values. 

The ability to touch, taste, feel, and see with increased sensitivity and to expand your approach to a life full of rich sensation. 

The so-called "sixth sense" is a gift we all posses. Kundalini Yoga works on your higher brain centers, and gives you the subtlety to compute the particulars of any situation. Stronger intuition also alerts us of dangers and we do not attract negative forces. 

Sometimes we feel the need to compensate or self-destruct due to a deep hurt or unresolved life issue. This can take the form of over-eating, drinking, drugs and other indulgences. In the context of Kundalini Yoga there are specific techniques to help you get to the bottom of what is bothering you. In the lives of many students, many negative habit patterns just fell away as a result of the applied practice of Kundalini Yoga. 

In our culture marriage and sexuality have lost their sacredness. In many instances, "romance" simply perpetuates the particulars of a painful past. Kundalini Yoga can help you recognize and resolve your old patterns and wounds, providing you the opportunity to experience healthy relationships.

Beyond artistic ability, creativity is a state of mind that allows you to be spontaneous, industrious, and expressive. Kundalini Yoga can help make any thing you do an imaginative and unique statement. 



Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Master of Kundalini and White Tantric, Yoga, came to the West with a simple message: "Elevate yourself, elevate the people around you and you will be able to live a healthy, happy and holy life." He firmly believed that spirituality was not something mystical and otherworldly, but a very practical integration of kindness, courage, character and values in everyday life. Since 1969, the West has had a unique opportunity to learn the techniques of Kundalini Yoga and meditation. Yogi Bhajan has learned, experienced, and mastered the ancient techniques from many sources. He has been a recognized teacher and master of Kundalini Yoga since he was sixteen years old. 

The body is a timepiece with a 
little crystal of life energy 
which makes it run, 
and kundalini is 
that crystal.

Yogi Bhajan



Our minds release a thousand thoughts for every blink of an eye. Many thoughts are lost in the unconscious. Some remain in the subconscious affecting the conscious mind. These thoughts become feelings, emotions, desires, fantasies or even multi-realities. Instead of mastering the mind, often the mind masters us. White Tantric Yoga helps you break through sub-conscious blocks, so you can live a free, conscious life. In just a short time, you'll experience release from the excess baggage of the subconscious. As you see and act on each moment with clarity, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Your life will change. Your mind, body and soul will act together as one. And you will discover a path to personal freedom and awareness that brings more success to every area of your life.