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Hari Narayan Noth

Classes by
Hari Narayan Kaur

Mondays 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Kundalini Yoga & Aromatherapy

Hari Narayan teaches Kundalini Yoga in a compassionate and encouraging way. She challenges students to help them find their strength of their spirit and the courage to listen to their heart. She imparts her love for the practice and her experiences with infinite gratitude to her Teachers: Tej, Harijiwan and Gurmukh. She allows the teachings of the Master Yogi Bhajan to guide her and as she holds the space for the healing to happen.

Hari Narayan became a KRI certified Teacher in 2004 and continues her studies of Kundalini Yoga through classes, workshops, and Level 2 Teacher Trainings. Additionally, she carries White Butterfly Medicine through the profound Shaman, Eagle Woman. She is the creator of Heart Potions, offering: healing Facials, raindrop treatments, aromatherapy perfumes and handmade skincare


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